Risk Products - Load Securing

Polyester Woven Strapping

No damage to most surfaces
No corrosion & easy handling
Low investment cost
High shock obsorption
Linear breaking strength from 295 to 1500 daN
Special glue coating
Press machines availableg

Polyester Composite Strapping

High System Strength
Not damaging to surfaces
No corrosion - no splicing
Linear breaking strength from 200 to 1500 daN
Low investment costs
Available width 13 to 32mm
Weatherproof (UV radiation)

Container Lashing

Ready-made belt system
Time and cost reduction
Securing inside a container
Easy to hook the 4 vertical straps
Width available as 32 & 50mm
Available for standard & high cube
2, 3 or 4 horizontal belt

Container Desiccant

Adsorbs over 1.4 litre water
Weight: 2000 ± 100grams
10 bags required for 20 foot container
20 bags for 40 foot container
Protect against condensation on damage
Ocean, truck, rail and air shipping
Sewn with a strong platic hook

Saver Dunnage Air Bags

1-ply | 2-ply | 4-ply | 6-ply
ISO 9001:2008 Certified
100% recyclable
Fast filling system available
User friendly
For all climatic conditions
Logo printing optional