Microbiology Products - DNA Purification

v-DNA reagent

The v-DNA reagent is a GenIUL technology that combines cells lysis and purification in a unique step. It has been designed to fix all viability dyes and PCR inhibitors present in the sample.

v-DNA Reagent provides a fast and easy genomic DNA extraction procedure. No organic extractions, enzymatic digestions, or spin columns are needed, enabling very high DNA recovery from samples even in presence of PCR inhibitors. The DNA obtained is ready for use to perform PCR reactions or other molecular biology procedures. Validated for viability PCR workflow.

The v-DNA reagent has been designed to obtain whole genomic DNA from bacteria and yeast suspensions from viability PCR sample treatments or from complex samples such as soil, stool, water (effluent form waste water treatment plants, cooling tower…), and enrichment broth cultures from food products.

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