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Dark Box System

Ref. 90001200

Dark Box System – For handling reaction tubes in a light protective environment and isothermal incubation.

During all the steps previous to DNA neutralization by means of photo-activation, it is necessary to protect the reaction solution from light, in order to avoid unspecific reactions and reagent loss. Additionally, according to reagent nature, microorganisms and sample types, in some cases it is also very important to ensure temperature stability during the incubation time. With the appropriate temperature the reagent diffusion through cell membrane of dead microorganism could be optimized, as well minimizing the reagents access to live microorganism.

The dark box system combines these characteristics and is therefore the best solution for handling your samples during the viability PCR process.

The tube rack can be placed into a fridge or a microbiological incubator to reach the appropriate temperature (i.e. 3ºC or 45ºC).

D-Bag Decontaminating System

Ref. 900099645

For the removal of DNA intercalating dyes from aqueous solutions.

Nowadays, specific intercalating dyes are widely used for the staining of DNA from electrophoresis to viability PCR. The reagents of Phenanthridinium group as Ethidium Bromide, Propidium Iodide or their derivatives PMA and EMA are mostly used.

Even if the products have theoretical low mutagenic potential, their release to the environment should be avoided in all cases, because they can be toxic and/or mutagenic. The D-Bag system is a safe and effective solution for the removal of DNA dyes in aqueous solution, which minimizes waste storing.

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